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Transfer Advisor

General Information

Provides students with the main website(s) containing general credit transfer information.

Check out the following resources to learn more about credit transfer at Niagara College: 

Required Grades and/or GPA, Level(s) of Completed Previous Education, and Program Prerequisites (Admission)

Provides students with the minimum grades and/or GPA, level(s) of completed previous postsecondary, and program prerequisites required for admission.

Review the admission requirements for all programs at Niagara College:

Required Grade and/or GPA (Transfer Credit Eligibility)

Provides students with the minimum grade and/or GPA required for transfer credit eligibility.

The minimum grade required to transfer a course to Niagara College is a passing grade at the source institution.

For advanced standing, you must have earned the following grade point average in the transferring program and the transferring program must be the same level of learning as the receiving program: 60% for advanced standing to a diploma program and 65% for advanced standing to a degree program. Advanced Standing is not granted to a college graduate certificate program.

Course Equivalencies, Pathways and Articulation Agreements

Provides students with available course equivalency, pathway, and articulation agreement materials for planning purposes.

View Niagara College’s transfer agreement opportunities:

Types of Credit Awarded

Provides students with the types of credit awarded and a brief definition of each (advanced standing, block, exemptions, equivalencies, specified, unspecified, generic, etc.).

Niagara College awards advanced standing, specified credits (equivalencies), and General Education and English elective credits.

Residency Requirements

Provides students with the amount of study they must complete in order to be awarded the credential in which they are enrolled.

The amount of transfer credit you can receive is limited by Niagara College’s residency policy. The policy states that at least 25% of credits in a program of study must be completed at the College.

Currency/Timing of Previous Postsecondary Education

Provides students with an indicator of the currency required to utilize their previously completed postsecondary education for transfer credit.

Niagara College will consider courses completed within the past 5 years for transfer credit, with the exception of courses in the School of Liberal Arts and Science and the School of Academic Studies (excluding Computer Literacy courses), which will be considered if completed within the past 10 years.

PLAR Procedures/Steps

Provides students with the procedures/steps they must follow in order to receive a PLAR assessment.

Follow these steps in order to receive your PLAR assessment at Niagara College:

  • Your first step is to call, e-mail, or meet with the PLAR Facilitator to discuss your educational plans. The Facilitator will help you identify the course(s) or program(s) in which you may be eligible for prior learning credits and will provide you with detailed course information.                
  • You will be required to complete a PLAR application, attach appropriate supporting documents and pay the required assessment fee.
  • You will then be required to demonstrate your learning through one or more of the following challenge methods: demonstration of skills(s), competency testing(s), submission of assignment(s), challenge exam, portfolio, or a structured interview with a designated subject expert.
  • Method will be determined by the subject expert.

PLAR Costs

Provides students with the cost of completing a PLAR assessment (challenge exam, course challenge, portfolio, etc.).

A PLAR assessment at Niagara College costs $52.25 for a non-credit or one credit course, $78.00 for a two credit course, and $104.50 for a three or more credit course. All fees are non-refundable.

Appearance of Awarded Transfer Credit(s) on Transcript

Provides students with the code(s) used to record transfer credits on their transcript and an indication of whether these credits will be included in GPA calculation.

Transfer credits will be recorded on your Niagara College transcript as "EX" for specified individual courses, "AS" for advanced standing, "GNED" for General Education electives, and "ENEL" for English electives. Transfer credits will not be included in GPA calculation.

Key Point(s) of Contact (Transfer Advisor and/or Service Area)

Provides students with a contact to discuss common credit transfer inquiries (Transfer Advisor, service area, etc.).

Contact a Niagara College Transfer Advisor to discuss your credit transfer inquiries:

Official Credit Transfer Policies (Academic Regulations/Directives Documents, Calendars and Handbooks)

Provides students with a reference to official credit transfer policies outlined in academic regulations/directives documents, calendars, and handbooks.

Familiarize yourself with Niagara College’s official credit transfer policies:

Transfer Credit Procedures/Steps

Provides students with the procedures/steps they must follow in order to receive a transfer credit assessment.

Follow these steps in order to receive your transfer credit assessment at Niagara College:

  • Submission of a valid postsecondary transcript will trigger the transfer credit process.
  • Print and complete the application form, attach the required documents, and mail to:
  • Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology 
  • Office of the Registrar (SE105)
  • 300 Woodlawn Road
  • Welland, ON L3C 7L3

Transfer Credit Costs

Provides students with the cost of completing a transfer credit assessment (advanced standing, exemption, etc.).

There is no fee required for a transfer credit assessment at Niagara College.

Transfer Credit Required Documentation

Provides students with a listing of the documentation they must submit to have their previously completed postsecondary education assessed for transfer credit.

The documentation required to have your previously completed postsecondary education assessed for transfer credit at Niagara College includes: 

  • Official transcript(s)
  • Course outline(s) (learning outcomes and length of course in hours)
  • Type(s) of assessment used to demonstrate learning
  • Completed 'Transfer Credit Request’ application form

Transfer Credit Application Form(s)

Provides students with a copy of the transfer credit application form or link to the online submission tool (where applicable).

Complete the application form at Niagara College: 

Deadline(s) for Application

Provides students with the deadline by which they must apply for transfer credit.

Apply to transfer credit at Niagara College 90 days prior to the start of the current semester. Applications received after the deadline may not be processed in time for the start of the semester, although often can be completed prior to the start of the upcoming term. 

Timing of Transfer Credit Decisions

Provides students with an expectation regarding the time it takes to process a transfer credit decision.

A transfer credit decision at Niagara College will be processed as quickly as possible. A complete submission including official course outlines and postsecondary assessments will be of assistance.

Review/Appeal Procedures

Provides students with the process for appealing a transfer credit decision.

A transfer credit decision can be reviewed/appealed at Niagara College by contacting the Transfer Credit Office for clarification. In some instances, special consideration may be given. In the case of currency, you are welcome to request credit based on Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition. endeavours to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding credit transfer; however, changes and updates to transfer opportunities happen on an ongoing basis. Students MUST check with the institution directly before applying to any program.