Résumé du parcours


ID du parcours
Nom du parcours
Bachelor of Allied Health Science (Honours)
Date de dernière mise à jour du parcours

Renseignements sur l'établissement d'origine

Établissement d'origine
Fleming College
Discipline / Division
Santé, alimentation, médecine, loisirs
Domaine du programme
Sciences infirmières, soins médicaux/dentaires/traitements/technologies
Nom du programme
Practical Nursing

Renseignements sur l'établissement de destination

Établissement de destination
Ontario Tech University
Discipline / Division
Santé et médecine
Domaine du programme
Santé, généralités
Nom du programme
Bachelor of Allied Health Science (Honours)

Procédures de communication

University of Ontario Institute of Technology
2000 Simcoe Street North

Oshawa, ON L1H 7K4
T: 905-721-3190
F: 905-721-3178
E: admissions@uoit.ca


Détails sur le parcours

Modalités du renouvellement ou de l'annulation

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) will review this transfer pathway periodically, introducing new amendments as appropriate. Any change to this pathway will not affect current students. Students enrolled at UOIT at the time of any change shall be allowed to complete their degree based on the original terms of this transfer pathway.

Admissibilité au parcours

Graduates with a two- or three-year advanced Ontario college diploma in one of the programs listed below, with a minimum mid-70s average, will be considered for admission.

   -Biotechnology – Advanced;
   -Biomedical Engineering Technology;
   -Cardiovascular Technology;
   -Dental Hygiene;
   -Health Information Management;
   -Massage Therapy;
   -Medical Laboratory Technology;
   -Nursing (RPN and RN);
   -Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant;
   -Pharmacy Technician;
   -Medical Radiation Technology;or
   -Respiratory Therapy.

Students will be required to complete two bridge courses listed below with a minimum grade of "C+" in each course to continue in the program.
   -HLSC 1701U: Academic Writing: Perspectives in Health
   -HLSC 2700U: Mathematical Reasoning in Health Sciences

For detailed admission and bridging requirements consult the Bachelor of Allied Health Sciences (Honours) website.

Admission is competitive. The specific average or standing required for admission varies from year to year. Possession of the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance. Preference will be given to applicants with the best qualifications.

This program is available entirely online, making it easier to create academic schedules to accommodate full-time employment.

Reconnaissance des crédits

Accepted students will receive a block of 57 unspecified transfer credit hours toward the 120 credit hours required for a UOIT degree.

The following transfer credits towards the UOIT program will be granted:
   -UNSP 0XXX: Unspecified credit @ 57 credit hours (19 courses).

Les crédits qui doivent être atteints à l'établissement d'accueil

21 courses (63 credits) must be completed at UOIT:
   -two bridge courses (6 credits); and
   -19 addition required and elective courses (57 credits).

For detailed course and degree information consult the most recent version of UOIT's Academic Calendar.

Horaire normal prévu de la progression des élèves

Eleven academic semesters: one semester of two bridge courses (6 credits) then nine additional semesters containing a combination of core allied health science (36 credits) and electives (21 credits) courses. For detailed course and degree information consult the most recent version of UOIT's Academic Calendar.

Credential (s), à accorder à la réussite de tous les composants requis

Bachelor of Allied Health Science (Honours)

Retour au début

N'oubliez pas que vous devriez toujours passer en revue les renseignements concernant la reconnaissance des crédits par l'établissement avant de faire un choix définitif parmi vos options. Prenez contact avec un conseiller en reconnaissance des crédits si vous avez d'autres questions.