Thinking about what’s next in your education future? can help you reach your educational goals by providing you with tools and resources to plan your pathway. Whether you’re pursuing a new credential or plotting a path to another institution, there are a number of ways for you to discover the opportunities:

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Search for Program Transfers. I want to go further.

The database includes block transfer agreements, which award credit for a group of courses from one program into another program, often in a related discipline. Start your search, which you can always save and revisit later with a MyONTransfer account, to find your credit transfer pathway.

Find Course Transfers. I want to change institutions.

Search to see how courses can be transferred from one institution to another. Perhaps you’ve completed a course and want to explore where it transfers. Or, perhaps you are planning to complete a course and want to confirm that it could transfer back to your current program. Find transfer opportunities for courses you’ve completed, or courses you’re planning to take and bring back.

Explore Fast-track Diploma programs offered at Ontario colleges.

Many colleges offer a quick delivery option available to university graduates for some of their diploma programs, allowing you to quickly complete a second credential and gain the hands-on, job-ready skills required for success in the workplace. Search current fast-track programs.

Check out Graduate Certificate programs offered at Ontario colleges

Graduate Certificate programs are intensive, highly-focused programs designed to provide you with the knowledge and specialized skills required to excel in particular job market. Search current graduate certificate programs.

Don’t forget: You should always review institution transfer information before you finalize your options. Contact a transfer advisor if you have further questions.