Transfer Advisor

General Information

Provides students with the main website(s) containing general credit transfer information.

Check out the following resource to learn more about credit transfer at Sault College: 

Required Grades and/or GPA, Level(s) of Completed Previous Education, and Program Prerequisites (Admission)

Provides students with the minimum grades and/or GPA, level(s) of completed previous postsecondary, and program prerequisites required for admission.

Review the admission requirements for all programs at Sault College:

Required Grade and/or GPA (Transfer Credit Eligibility)

Provides students with the minimum grade and/or GPA required for transfer credit eligibility.

The minimum grade required to transfer a course to Sault College is 60% or "C".

Course Equivalencies, Pathways and Articulation Agreements

Provides students with available course equivalency, pathway, and articulation agreement materials for planning purposes.

View Sault College’s pathway opportunities:




Types of Credit Awarded

Provides students with the types of credit awarded and a brief definition of each (advanced standing, block, exemptions, equivalencies, specified, unspecified, generic, etc.).

Sault College awards advanced standing in recognition of previous learning.

Residency Requirements

Provides students with the amount of study they must complete in order to be awarded the credential in which they are enrolled.

The amount of transfer credit you can receive is limited by Sault College’s residency policy. The policy states that at least 25% of the senior-level program of study must be completed at the College.

Currency/Timing of Previous Postsecondary Education

Provides students with an indicator of the currency required to utilize their previously completed postsecondary education for transfer credit.

Sault College will consider technical courses completed within the past 7 years for transfer credit.

PLAR Procedures/Steps

Provides students with the procedures/steps they must follow in order to receive a PLAR assessment.

Follow these steps in order to receive your PLAR assessment at Sault College:

Challenge Exam

  • Obtain a course outline for the course from faculty, the Chair’s office, Program Coordinator, or the Alumni website (
  • Complete a PLAR Application for Challenge Exams in Student Services, Room E1101.
  • Obtain available advance instruction from Student Services advising of any work required prior to writing the exam i.e. videotape of an oral presentation, written version of oral presentation, computer generated resume, etc.
  • Pay the non-refundable fee in the Registrar’s Office.
  • On the day of the exam, bring a copy of the registration form, a receipt for the challenge exam fee, and any advanced material that is required.
  • Review your current course load and the effects of having fewer credit hours. 
  • Grades received on Challenge Exams will be recorded on student’s academic transcript and included in GPA calculation. 

Portfolio Process                                                       

  • The process begins with an appointment with a counsellor in Student Services, Room E1101 to complete a PLAR Portfolio Assessment application. To book an appointment, contact Student Services at 759-2554 x 2703 or by e-mail at
  • The counsellor will review the requirements necessary for a successful portfolio and complete a PLAR Portfolio Assessment application. The application will be submitted to the Chair of the appropriate school for review and approval.
  • The student brings the approved application to Financial Services to pay the fee.

PLAR Costs

Provides students with the cost of completing a PLAR assessment (challenge exam, course challenge, portfolio, etc.).

A PLAR assessment at Sault College costs $25.00 for a challenge exam and $75.00 for a portfolio assessment per course.

Appearance of Awarded Transfer Credit(s) on Transcript

Provides students with the code(s) used to record transfer credits on their transcript and an indication of whether these credits will be included in GPA calculation.

Transfer credits will be recorded on your Sault College transcript as "CR" and will not be included in GPA calculation.

Key Point(s) of Contact (Transfer Advisor and/or Service Area)

Provides students with a contact to discuss common credit transfer inquiries (Transfer Advisor, service area, etc.).

Contact a Sault College Transfer Advisor to discuss your credit transfer inquiries:

Official Credit Transfer Policies (Academic Regulations/Directives Documents, Calendars and Handbooks)

Provides students with a reference to official credit transfer policies outlined in academic regulations/directives documents, calendars, and handbooks.


Transfer Credit Procedures/Steps

Provides students with the procedures/steps they must follow in order to receive a transfer credit assessment.

Follow these steps in order to receive your transfer credit assessment at Sault College:

  • Apply to Sault College in the program that you’re interested in at
  • Contact the college or university you’ve graduated from and ask them to send you an unofficial transcript of your grades along with all of the course outlines (syllabi) for the courses you’ve completed.
  • Complete a ‘Transfer Credit’ application (through the Sault College Portal or Registrar’s Office). You will need to include course outlines (syllabi).
  • If the course has been previously evaluated and you meet the minimum requirements, you will be assigned the credit via the Admissions and Records Officer. If the course has not been previously evaluated, your application will be forwarded to the Program Coordinator/Chair for review and evaluation.
  • The Program Coordinator/Chair evaluation process varies in duration depending upon the request and time of year, so students are encouraged to allow time for the process. Those who have applied to Sault College take priority for transcript and course outline review, but a conversation with the Program Coordinator/Chair first could provide you with some insight as to how many advanced standing credits may be available. An official transcript must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office for verification purposes. 

Transfer Credit Costs

Provides students with the cost of completing a transfer credit assessment (advanced standing, exemption, etc.).

There is no fee required for a transfer credit assessment at Sault College.

Transfer Credit Required Documentation

Provides students with a listing of the documentation they must submit to have their previously completed postsecondary education assessed for transfer credit.

The documentation required to have your previously completed postsecondary education assessed for transfer credit at Sault College includes: 

  • Official transcript(s)
  • Course outline(s)
  • Completed ‘Transfer Credit’ application form

Transfer Credit Application Form(s)

Provides students with a copy of the transfer credit application form or link to the online submission tool (where applicable).

Complete the application form at Sault College:

  • (available on the Sault College Portal located under the College Services tab, and then under Forms & Policies [login required])

Deadline(s) for Application

Provides students with the deadline by which they must apply for transfer credit.

Apply to transfer credit at Sault College shortly after the start of each semester (September, January and May). Exact deadlines are posted in the academic calendar available online.

Timing of Transfer Credit Decisions

Provides students with an expectation regarding the time it takes to process a transfer credit decision.

A transfer credit decision at Sault College will take 1-5 weeks to process depending on whether the course has been previously evaluated, the Program Coordinator/Chair, and the timing of the application.

Review/Appeal Procedures

Provides students with the process for appealing a transfer credit decision.

A transfer credit decision can be reviewed/appealed at Sault College by requesting a meeting with the Dean of your Academic School. Additionally, in some cases, if transfer credit is not granted you may have the option to write a Challenge Exam. endeavours to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding credit transfer; however, changes and updates to transfer opportunities happen on an ongoing basis. Students MUST check with the institution directly before applying to any program.