Thinking about what’s next in your education future?

College or University? Both? There are many decisions to make as you begin your postsecondary studies. Use our resources to explore how you can combine both college and university studies and tailor your education to your unique goals and interests.

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Explore Collaborative Programs

If you’re interested in attending both a college and university, one of the easiest ways to do so is through a collaborative program. Collaborative and joint degree programs allow you to earn one or two credentials by taking a specialized program at two partnered schools. Each school builds on the knowledge and skills acquired at the other, helping you become job-ready faster! Check out Ontario’s Collaborative University and College Programs.

Plan to earn a diploma and degree

Did you know that by starting your postsecondary studies with a diploma, you could earn a degree in less time? And if you start with a degree, you could complete a diploma faster? You can! Many colleges and universities have agreements that allow you to use the credits you complete for one program toward another. Search the Program Transfer Guide to plan the most efficient route to your goals.

Start your educational path at an Ontario College

You’re not sure where you’d like to end up but your high school studies have led you toward an Ontario college, where you can pursue an apprenticeship, co-op, diploma, or degree program. Visit the Ontario Colleges website to search through the many programs open to you. And don’t forget to return to the website to explore how your program could transfer!

Start your educational path at an Ontario University

You’d like to begin your postsecondary education at an Ontario university, where countless degree opportunities exist. Visit the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre to choose where you would like to start. And don’t forget to return to the website to see how your degree could help you earn a second credential at another institution.

Don’t forget: You should always review institution transfer information before you finalize your options. Contact a transfer advisor if you have further questions.