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Pathway Title
Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Supply Chain Management) from 3 Year Business Administration Diploma
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Sending Institution Information

Sending Institution
Fleming College
Program Area
Business, General Business/Administration; Logistics; E-Commerce; Small Business/Entrepreneurship,
Program Title
Business Administration

Receiving Institution Information

Receiving Institution
Sheridan College
Program Area
Business, General Business
Program Title
Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Supply Chain Management)

Contact Procedures

Please contact Stephanie D'Avolio at in the Office of the Registrar for admission requirements. 

For further questions regarding transfers please contact

Pathway Details

Terms for renewal or cancellation

Sheridan has been granted a consent by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to offer this applied degree for a 7-year term starting December 17, 2013. Sheridan will ensure that all students admitted to the Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Supply Chain Management) program during the period of consent will have the opportunity to complete the program within a reasonable time frame.

Eligibility for Pathway

Applicants who have graduated from a 3-year Business Administration General Advanced Diploma from an Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology with a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA.

Credit transfer

14 courses will be granted towards an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Supply Chain Management) at Sheridan:

Business Fundamentals
Marketing Fundamentals
Financial Accounting
Finance Fundamentals
Business Communications
Business Statistics
Business Law
5 Business Electives

Additionally, subject to Sheridan's Breadth Policy, students may be eligible for advanced standing in required breadth courses which may further reduce the number of courses required for graduation. 

Credits that must be achieved at the receiving institution

The following courses are required to earn an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Supply Chain Management) at Sheridan:

20 Required Courses

Business Calculus and Algebra
Business Processes
Organizational Behaviour
Supply Chain and Operations Management
Managerial Accounting
Applied Research in Business
Ethics, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
Business Information Systems
Global Business Environment
Strategic Management
Integrated Industry Project OR Research Thesis
Operations Management 1
Demand Management and Sales Operations Planning
Global Sourcing and Purchasing Management
Value Chain Analysis
Introduction to Creative Learning Portfolio*
Advanced Learning Portfolio
Co-op Preparation*

Two of the following electives:
Global Transportation and Distribution
Operations Management 2
Inventory and Warehouse Management
Supply Chain Finance

Mandatory 14 Week Internship
*non-credit course

• Composition & Rhetoric

• 6-8 Additional Breadth Courses in compliance with the Sheridan Breadth Policy which can be found by clicking the "Visit our Public Site" link on the following page:

Creative Learning Portfolio course which is a pass or fail course

Internship Graduation Requirement:

All Sheridan BBA students are required to complete a 1 semester internship in the second half of their program which must be completed prior to their final semester of study.

The Co-op work term placement course must be taken in the semester prior to the intended start of their work internship semester.

Anticipated normal schedule of student progression

An Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Supply Chain Management) from Sheridan can be earned in approximately 2 years (4 to 5 semesters)

Credential(s) to be granted on successful completion of all required components

Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Supply Chain Management) 


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