Pathway Summary


Pathway ID
Pathway Title
Massage Therapy Advanced Diploma and Bachelor of Arts Community Health
Pathway Last Updated

Sending Institution Information

Sending Institution
Fleming College
Health, Food and Medical, Recreation
Program Area
Nursing, Medical/Dental Care/Therapies/Technologies
Program Title
Massage Therapy

Receiving Institution Information

Receiving Institution
Brock University
Health and Medicine
Program Area
Health, General
Program Title
Bachelor of Arts Community Health

Contact Procedures

For further information contact
Admissions: (905) 688-5550, ext 4068

Pathway Details

Terms for renewal or cancellation

Brock University Senate will review this transfer pathway after each academic year, introducing mutually agreed upon amendments as appropriate. Any change to this pathway will not affect current students. Students enrolled at Brock at the time of any change shall be allowed to complete their degree based on the original terms of this transfer pathway.

Eligibility for Pathway

A minimum 70% cumulative average on the College Massage Therapy Advanced Diploma is required for entry to Brock.

Credit transfer

Eligible applicants will be awarded 5.0 credits: 5.0 Year Two Elective credits.

Credits that must be achieved at the receiving institution

10 credits must be achieved at Brock.

Anticipated normal schedule of student progression

A minimum of 2 academic years (4 semesters) of full time study is required to complete the Bachelor of Arts Community Health degree. 

Credential(s) to be granted on successful completion of all required components

Bachelor of Arts Community Health 

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