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Pathway Title
Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Disability Studies Related Fields to Bachelor of Arts in Disability Studies
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Sending Institution Information

Sending Institution
Fleming College
Education, Community and Social Services
Program Area
Community/Child/Youth Education/Interventions/Services
Program Title
Educational Support / Educational Assistant

Receiving Institution Information

Receiving Institution
Ryerson University
Arts, Fine Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
Program Area
Community, Social Services/Social Work/Interventions
Program Title
Disability Studies

Contact Procedures

Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment

Ryerson University

350 Victoria Street

Toronto, Ontario, M5B 2K3

Telephone: 416-979-5036


Pathway Details

Terms for renewal or cancellation

Ryerson University will periodically review this transfer pathway, making amendments as appropriate. Students enrolled at the time of any change shall be allowed to complete their degree based on the original terms of their offer of admission to Ryerson University.  While every effort is made to ensure accuracy on this site, in the event of a discrepancy, Ryerson's current Undergraduate Calendar(s) is the official reference document.

Eligibility for Pathway

A Diploma or Advanced Diploma in a disability studies related field and/or discipline, from a public Ontario College. The diploma must include a one-year (or equivalent) introductory university-level humanities or social science course or equivalent.  At least a B/3.0/ 70% CGPA is required for admission consideration to this part-time program.




A personal letter explaining how attending this program will benefit the applicant and Disability Communities.  The letter should not exceed two pages, double spaced.  It will be read for both admission eligibility and selection of potential recipients of the David and Sylvia Pollack Entrance Award in Disability Studies.


Applicants with less than a 'B' average in a public Ontario College Diploma or Advanced Diploma program may be asked to complete up to two (2) single-term university level liberal studies courses before admission.  Other post-secondary academic backgrounds, and extensive work/advocacy experience in the field, will be considered on an individual basis.


Credit transfer

This is a specially-designed Degree Completion program for graduates of acceptable Ontario College Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs. Graduation from a relevant Ontario College diploma program is required for admission and graduates must complete 25 one-term course equivalents to qualify for this Bachelor's Degree.

Credits that must be achieved at the receiving institution

The number of credits required to graduate from the program is 25 one-term course equivalents.

Anticipated normal schedule of student progression

As a part-time program, students are required to complete the program in no more than eight years. Most students will complete the program in less time by planning their course selections carefully. The completion time will vary with the number of courses taken each year.

Credential(s) to be granted on successful completion of all required components

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Disability Studies

Ryerson University degrees are equivalent to the Honours degree required for admission consideration for graduate studies and professional programs.

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