Where can I Transfer?

Search the Program Transfer Guide or the Course Transfer Guide to explore your opportunities.

I am a High School Student or Graduate.

You are planning your postsecondary education. Use our resources to search for pathways that meet your goals.

I am a College Student or Graduate.

You want to transfer to another college or university, study elsewhere or transfer credits back. Learn about ways to further your studies.

I am a University Student or Graduate.

You want to transfer to another school to complete your postsecondary studies or pursue another credential after graduating.

None of the above? Out of Country/Province, Internationally Educated Professional, or without a high school diploma? Visit Fast-track to Information to learn about your postsecondary options in Ontario.


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Students Often Ask

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Q. How do I apply for transfer credits?

A. First, start by searching the Transfer Guide to find possible transfer routes that apply to you. Once you have found the transfer pathway you want to follow, contact the transfer advisor at the college or university who will help you with the process.